On September 30, the Olympia and Bequests Committee and its President, Ms. Chrysanthi Vagena, awarded Mr. Athanassios Martinos, a man devoted to charitable activities through the Non-Profit Civil Company "Aegeas", which he co-manages with his wife, Marina Martinou. 

The award was presented to Mr. Martinos by the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos. In his speech, President Pavlopoulos thanked the Heads of the Olympia and Bequests Committee for establishing this annual awarding ceremony and mentioned that he felt truly honored to present this special award to a contemporary National Benefactor. Ms. Vagena, the initiator of the awarding ceremony, welcomed the attendees and praised the work of Mr. Martinos and his wife, who among hundreds of benevolent projects, constructed a standard children's playground on the premises of the Zappeion Megaron. In her speech, Ms. Vagena spoke about Evangelis Zappas and his remarkable will, which they respectfully adhere to. Following the speech of President Vagena, Deputy Mayor of Athens and writer Mr. Skiadas addressed the audience and spoke about the life and the works of Evangelis Zappas. 

Mr. Athanassios Martinos, a modest and humble man just like all important individuals, who among his innumerable responsibilities is also the Governor of Mount Athos, accepted the award and thanked for the distinction. The scope of the ceremony was to honor the acts of a contemporary National Benefactor and also set an example by inspiring others to perform similar charitable bequests. The event ended with the wonderful music and performance of Evanthia Reboutsika.