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Famous churches dedicated to the Panagia (the Virgin Mary) - Panagia Chozoviotissa

A monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary which is breathtaking


A clear white stripe appears on a steep cliff. From afar it seems like a movie scenery. As you approach you can see the details and the scenery is magnificent. This is the entrance to the Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa with a view from above to the endless blue of Agia Anna and in the interior, there is a monastery that stands tall since 1088. 

In Agia Anna was discovered the icon of the Panagia from Choziva or Koziva which is located in Jericho, close to the Holy Land. The icon was thrown into the sea by a woman who wanted to save it from destruction. At the point where the icon was found, local islanders wanted to build a church, but the "icon" had a different wish. Legend has it that the monastery was built by order and with the instructions of the Virgin Mary who appeared before a worker and pointed out the spot where she wanted the monastery to be built. He then hammered a nail into the cliff which remained there intact until 1956. 

The monastery owns land in Amorgos as well as in other nearby islands such as Samos, Ikaria, and Naxos. Its wealth allowed it to remain independent during the Turkish occupation. If you visit Amorgos it is worth climbing up the 300 steps to reach the entrance and find yourself before the endless blue and enjoy the view and the beautiful interior of the Monastery. 

Although the monastery celebrates on November 21, the doors are open to the public during the summer months, especially in August which is the month with most visitors. If you are in Amorgos take some time to visit the monastery. It will be the memory of a lifetime.

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