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Christianity Art is a vertically organized production unit of religious icons and not only, where with due care it builds the produced parts, part by part, and finally composes them into a tested and absolutely guaranteed product, constituting a complete package produced entirely on its premises. Within this integrated service provision, Christianity Art includes the certification of its products, provides artistic and tailor-made packaging, along with timely and safe shipment.


Every icon that is produced, from the smallest to the biggest, is packed in a box that has been especially ordered for its size, in order to ensure a perfect fit. Luxury boxes that surround the image complete its presence, turning it into a valuable gift, both in content and in presentation.


Christianity Art has customers all over the world, exporting its creations for decades, safely and consistently. For this purpose, its products are packaged accordingly in order to be received intact by their owners at the desired time.


Christianity Art has become a well established brand name through its many years of involvement in the production and distribution of Byzantine icons in the global market of religious icons. For this purpose, the products are always accompanied with the company seal, which is a guarantee of the superior quality of each project.

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