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In Christianity Art's workshop – which is located in a modern bioclimatic building of 6500 square meters in the city of Athens with a view of Acropolis – all of the fine arts that compose the creation of icons coexist. The icon’s journey begins from the hagiographer’s moment of inspiration – design department – based on the original prototype, or his knowledge of the proper representation of the figures and delivers his creation.

In the carpentry workshop, wood is cut into a variety of sizes and shapes, then painted, making them ready to be delivered to the next stage of their implementation; the silk screen department. There, the pattern is crated manually and various painted sheets are added which are placed one on top of the other to compose a complete picture that provides the final film.

The icon produced, which is faithful to the original in both historical and religious terms, then goes through to the next stage of the workshop that of gold and silver coating, whereupon “puts on a shirt” (through the addition of a metal coating). These have been carved onto mould bases which were initially designed by specialist craftsmen. Prior to reaching the sales department Swarovski stones are added, when and where needed.

Our icons have been tried and tested over time by ourselves but also by our thousands of customers who own them. Our well - executed technique of “ageing” provides a protective shield for the wood and colors against the sun and the ravages of time.

The position of Christianity Art as a market-leader globally is based on the pioneering spirit of its creators, the inspired artwork of its experienced craftsmen and its vertically organized production unit, where with due care and without ever compromising on quality or accuracy, they produce and provide unique, handmade, signature creations that cannot be replicated.

Icons painted with high-quality criteria

Christianity Art, with its forty years of experience, knowledge of high art icon painting, use of excellent materials selected with strict quality criteria, handcrafted production process and respectful concentration to the historical and religious accuracy of the faces and the scenes depicted, ensures a final product of superior quality.


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