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Antonia Moropoulou has been awarded for her work in the restoration of the Tomb of Christ


Mrs. Moropoulou, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), was awarded the international Restoration of Monuments Award Giuseppe Sciacca 2019, for the study, the design and the restoration of the Edicule of the Tomb of Christ in the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Prof. Moropoulou, who headed a team of 50 distinguished scientists, among which Prof. Manolis Korres, School of Architecture - NTUA, Prof. Andreas Georgopoulos, School of Rural & Surveying Engineering – NTUA, and Prof. Konstantinos Spyrakos, School of Civil Engineering - NTUA, has repeatedly mentioned the awe and the responsibility with which all the participants addressed the restoration project of the largest monument of Christianity.

The monument, which had visible signs of decay and destruction, had to be fully restored but also possible future damages had to be predicted in order for the monument to remain intact for centuries to come. The design of the monument’s “protection” from the visitors and the careful selection of materials were the basis of the restoration plan. The project was delivered as planned in March 2017 in time for Easter so that the liturgy of the Resurrection could be conducted.

The awards ceremony took place in the Vatican City and Mrs. Moropoulou referred to the “unique” moment when the Tomb was opened as well as the modern, comprehensive opportunities that the Greek scientific community has available today, so that it can manage with accuracy in terms of time and cost the structural integrity of the monuments and thus present their value.

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