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The Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Chios

The church of “Megalos Taxiarchis” (which means Big Archangel in Greek) is the biggest church of Chios and one of the biggest in Greece and is located where the central tower of the Genovese at the castle once stood. In the past, there was an older church of the Archangels with the name "Palios Taxiarchis" (meaning Old Archangel in Greek). The initial temple was completed in 1868. The modern, new church, with a total land area, including the yard wall, of 985,5 m2 out of which 450 m2 is the total surface of the church, is considered one of the biggest churches of Greece, a monumental building that causes the admiration of the visitors.

On the outside, the church is characterized by its double staircase leading to the bell tower and to the pebbled courtyard, a characteristic of the island's architecture. To the right of the courtyard, the staircase leads to the place set apart for women.

On the inside, the temple is three-aisled with a raised central aisle which is dedicated to Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The north aisle is dedicated to Saint Apostle and the south one to the Holy Apostles. The icons of the Taxiarches which adorn the iconostasis come from the Palios Taxiarchis church and are covered with numerous offerings from the faithful of the Mesta village in Chios who arrive from all around the world to worship their church.
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