On the occasion of the World Alzheimer's Day on September 21, Karelleio Charitable Organization "Apostoli" of the Archdiocese of Athens, in collaboration with company MEGA, offers free memory tests and informs the public with scheduled seminars. "Karelleio" organizes activities for seniors throughout the year, and focuses on diseases that occur to older people, in their prevention and early-on address and in everyday issues of this sensitive age group.

In view of the global information and awareness day for the Alzheimer's disease, it invites people aged 60 and older, the families of people who show signs of the disease, as well as caregivers of people with dementia, in order to inform them on issues related to the symptoms of the disease, its prevention, ways used today to treat the disease as well as advisory issues primarily for people who care for those who are sick, the caregivers. In the context of information and awareness regarding the disease, free memory tests will be offered, which will then be evaluated by experts. program of these activities starts on Monday, September 16, at the Zografou municipality and will take place every day in a different area until Friday, September 21.