Museums choose to display some of their works while they keep others in their warehouses until the right time comes for them to be displayed in the galleries and become part of a permanent or periodic exhibition. The same applies for the Byzantine & Christian Museum that also keeps its own wonderful treasures, whose time to be exhibited has not yet arrived, but are part of the lives of those working at the museum who are fortunate enough to visit them almost daily.

Among the hundreds of masterpieces kept in the BXM storage rooms are the Refugee Heirlooms. There are about 200 works known as such because they were brought to Greece mainly by refugees after the Asia Minor Disaster. Ecclesiastical objects such as books, vessels, and manuscripts from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace, were carried with love and self-sacrifice by tens of thousands of people, to reach either community churches in Greece, the Museum of Folk Art Museum or the Byzantine & Christian Museum.

Even though we cannot visit them live, we can get to know them through the virtual tour offered by the museum, through a glimpse into the museum’s "Warehouse”