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Saint Catherine (Agia Ekaterini) at Plaka

At the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka, where the ancient past meets the Byzantine times and blends harmoniously with the present, yet another unique temple which is built over an ancient one welcomes and captivates the visitor.

The 11th-century church of St. Catherine at the intersection of Herefondos and Lysikratous streets, is since 1767 a Dependency (Metochi) of the Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai. The visiting Sinai fathers found here, in their Metochi, a home and a place for prayer. It is believed that they planted with their own hands the special palm trees found at the courtyard of the church which create a real haven for the visitor.

The temple, which was originally dedicated to St. Theodoroi, was destroyed to a great extent during the Greek Revolution. However, already since 1839, necessary interventions started in order to preserve or add sections and sides and to stabilize the dome.

Inside the church dominant positions have the icon of Saint Catherine on the right icon stand, the enthroned Theotokos on the left iconostasis, the icon of John the Forerunner and the icon of Saint Spyridon. On the outside of the temple, the ancient architectural elements continue to stand out and impress the visitor.
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