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The Essence of Byzantine Hagiography Art

Byzantine hagiography acts as a bridge between humanity and the divine, in the sense that holy depictions of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and the Saints, enabling the faithful to feel closer to the object of worship.

In depicting religious icons, there are specific rules: Artists must faithfully attribute the features of saints, as these have been handed down either by older written texts or by various artistic means, referred to as "archetypes".

There is therefore a strictly defined formula which has been repeated for centuries and inherited by each holy image.

Religious forms must also exude spirituality. Saints are depicted as strict but, at the same time, forgiving figures, never smiling or exhibiting any other secular expression.

In Byzantine hagiography, it is themes from the Old Testament, the Gospel and the lives of the saints are those that are usually represented. The use of gold backgrounds, and various other techniques often used in the images, are used to create a vision of a transcendental world, which isolates the form from the earthly environment.

At the Christianity Art workshop, we strictly adhere to the basic "rules" described above, as well as to many others in order to carry on the tradition of Byzantine Hagiography Art. Every holy image has been handed down for centuries from one hagiography artisan to the next.


We carry on this tradition with humility and a sense of responsibility, however are also proud that our icons are regarded as the most authentic and are all certified by the Holy Monasteries and can be found in over 190 countries around the world. 

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