Teachers, parents, and pupils throughout Greece may enjoy the great tribute to the life and work of Saint Filothei through an original dramatized text written by Mr. Iosif Vivilakis, Professor at the Department of Theater Studies of the School of Philosophy, University of Athens. The play entitled “The life of the noble young lady of Athens”, known to all of us as Saint Filothei who devoted her life to serving her fellow beings, was presented by the Shadow Theater at the History Museum of the University of Athens for four nights. The audience had the opportunity to learn about the adventurous life of the Saint, Filothei Benizelou, who gave away all her belongings to help her fellow beings in Athens, during the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. 

Musicians and puppeteers accompany the handmade carved puppet figures of the "Saint" and the other protagonists of the play. The entire project is the collaborative work of the scientific and art group "Othonion" which follows traditional performing arts practices. 

All those involved in the project are willing to present the play to any parishes or schools that are interested, upon request. For more information please visit the following link https://othonion.wordpress.com/?fbclid=IwAR0V-E86BqQOq0NPbJqs51JRWAo0sqxp5kFS18LrpwLe3AwUw276_f8g6Rk