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Deep faith and simple diet. This is the secret of longevity and good health not just of the monks in Mount Athos, but also of all other monastic societies in Greece consisting of frugal ascetic figures that follow their monastic diet in earnest and without complain. Is there any correlation...

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Sudden headache that does not go away with just a painkiller. Unexplained drowsiness, unbearable stomach ache, annoying feelings of weakness and unbearable dizziness, feeling of suffocation, high pressure or discomfort without any biological cause. These are some of the most common symptoms that – if there is no obvious disease...

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   Orthodox icons, icons of Christ, the our Holy Lady Theotokos (Panagia) and the Saints, are considered a timeless and the most unwavering bridge that unites man with God. What is it that differentiates the art of byzantine iconography from other types of religious art or techniques that have been...

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